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This is not the end but…

So yeah, this is the last post. Thanks for the (almost) last 2 years, thanks for the memories, friends, songs…everything

I’ll not make a new fan account/tumblr/twitter/whatever because I don’t have enough free time (homework, last year of school…) for that so if you want to be FutureSunsetsCAN, it will not be me. I’ll support David & Jose on my personal account (@maudamelie) so if you wanna talk to me, just tweet me :) 

So yeah, stay perfect because YOU ARE ALL ALREADY ARE and voilà, bonsoir je vous aime ! 

To the past and to the future


This is not an easy thing to write. Tonight marks the end of a musical project very dear to me, and with that comes a very heavy heart. King the Kid was a band that I gave everything to and it’s not an easy goodbye, nor one i had foreseen coming. We accomplished a lot in our first two years as a…

"Really? Are You Sure?"


I think courage lies in our ability to follow our instinct, to neglect the safeguards placed by our thoughts, and to resist the relentless opinions of those who believe they know better (key word, believe). Perhaps there’s a naïveté that comes with living in confidence on top of a paper hill, but with it comes a sense of knowing that what we’re doing is so right, that to think that there’s an alternate path is unfathomable. There’s always a battle, heart vs mind, and to which we assign the right and the wrong. Sometimes they agree, most times they don’t. The free vs the rational. Eventually all of those so-called reckless moves, (after perseverance, growth, drive, commitment, etc) might turn that paper hill into foundations of brick and stone, roots that will stand the test of time and lie content, because it was built on pure love with no doubt to stir revolt.

(Then again, that’s just my belief. Sorry for the metaphorical jargon).


Here’s a new cover of mine, Hotel Bathroom Song (Everything You’ll Ever Be) by John Mayer. 

Hope you like it! First time i heard it i became attached to it, both because of the lyrics and the feel.